I don’t like freeze breath

I love Superman. I really do. The comic had its ups and downs, but I love the concept that is Superman.

Not just a guy who could take over the world, but a hero who does his best to help the world without harming anyone if he can help it.

But I hate, hate, hate freeze breath. I can get past flying, strength, heat vision and even x-Ray vision. But freeze breath is the worst.

The conceit is that if a normal person blows on something hot to cool it, superman can super blow on something to freeze it.


Is Superman’s body temperature below freezing? Is the air he breathes different from what we breathe?

Blowing on hot soup will at best bring soup down to room temperature faster than not blowing on it, but it will never go Lower than that. Do you blow on your ice water to cool it down?

It is really crazy the things we can’t suspend our disbelief for sometimes, but every time superman gets out of a jam with freeze breath, I cringe.

Do you have a superhero you live with a power you hate?


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  1. Tamfang says:

    This is not exactly a superpower issue but it has bugged me more than once:

    The badguy is about to escape in a helicopter. The Six Million Dollar Man grabs the chopper’s foot and pulls it back down to the ground, ’cause he’s that strong. If he’s heavy enough to anchor a helicopter without hooking one of his super feet into something, that datum ought to be reflected in other scenes. (Also, I don’t think it was ever said that his backbone is enhanced, which ought to matter for some of his feats of strength.)

    Similarly: Buffy and Cordelia are chained by the hands to bolts above their heads in the wall of a cavern. Buffy, being super strong, pulls her chain loose, without her feet leaving the floor; but if she can do that it ought to be easier for Cordelia, who is normal but heavier.

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