Just a quick note to all of you to let you know that Batman Day is THIS SATURDAY! What is Batman Day? Well, it’s a day where DC Comics gives the local comic shops some free comics and stuff for you to peruse.

This year there are THREE free comics for you to choose from. Batman, Harley Quinn and Super Hero Girls (for the kids) … all have at least a little Harley Quinn in them because she is apparently taking over Batman Day this year! The cover for Batman will be a cover swipe of the first issue of “The Dark Knight Returns” by Frank Miller (you know the one … blue background with a leaping Batman silhouetted in the upper right quadrant). The interior of the comic is reprinted copy of the first chapter of “I am Bane”, with Harley Quinn bookend pages.

There are additional free comics with different iconic Batman cover swipes that now include Harley Quinn, but they will be in stores that aren’t comic shops. Check your internet machines to track them down, because I have no idea.

The Harley Quinn reprint is of the first chapter of “Joker Loves Harley”.

The Super Hero Girls is a sneak peek at the first chapter of Volume 4 of Super Hero Girls, on sale next week!

Collect all three with any purchase.

We will also have some Batman and Harley Quinn masks which we will give out free with any purchase. (If you were already in this week, you can pick these things up on Saturday … all purchases count this week ).

In honor of Batman Day, all of our graphic novels will be 30% off as well. 🙂

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