Mortals find themselves the gods of a magical planet called Arr-Kelaan. Can they successfully rule the planet, or will it end up as messed up as their home planets?

Chuck Rowles
(aka Ronson)


Steve Rowles
(aka SpANG!)


Martha Pezzino

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The Gods of Arr-Kelaan- Volume 2:
"Myths & Legends"

[6 ISSUES] A young girl is enmeshed in a god's plan, with only the help of two elderly heroes to ensure her survival. Features Kerrimachus, Sharra, Bikk, Shadowscared, Bunny, Vlnn, and Thanantria.

Chronologically, this story takes place many, many years after the gods have landed on Arr-Kelaan. However, this story was written and drawn BEFORE the other stories.
Re-issued  with new DOUBLE COVERS and other enhancements!



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