Drunk Duck: The Movie

In the early days of 2003, it looked like Drunk Duck had disappeared forever. The host that Drunk Duck was on just kept crashing. It actually crashed so badly that none of the original programming remained. If Drunk Duck was going to come back, Volte6 (a.k.a. Dylan Squires) would have to rebuild from the beginning.

So Volte6 created a forum to decide what would happen. Drunk Duck loyalists flocked from all four corners of the world and prayed for the Drunk Duck's return.

When Volte6 did decide to return, he knew it would take quite some time to get us up to speed, but he didn't want us to lose people's interest. That's when we decided to make this movie.

This is my first flash animation, and it was a lot of hard work, but it was very fun. Hope you enjoy it.


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