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Great Windows95-based software tools to make your role-playing easier by the code wizards of Arr-Kelaan Software.  Arr-Kelaan Software developers focus on the tools every good DM needs to build quality adventures for his or her players.

Currently in final beta testing before release are a Hex Mapper, Dice Roller, Random City Generator, Town Designer, Spell Book Builder, Campaign Calendar Generator, and Random Weather Generator with new programs planned in the near future.

For the next few months, these programs are free for download.  When the beta-testing period is completed, this software will be re-released as shareware.

But wait!!!  As an added bonus, anyone who download and uses any Arr-Kelaan software during this beta-testing period and sends me an e-mail (address: Arr-Kelaan Softare) about any of the programs will receive a final (registered) copy for free when the programs become shareware!!  Let me know what you think.  Let me know what you like or don't like.  And, certainly, report any bugs you might encounter!!
[Hex Map] HexMapper 1.0b
Create professional-looking 24-bit color hex maps for your role-playing games with an easy-to-use point-and-click interface for painting map hexes.  Imports hand-drawn or scanned bitmap images to overlay with hexes.  Draws a variety of rivers, streams, roads and text labels (in any TrueType® font) directly over your hexes.  Saves output as standard, 24-bit color, Windows® bitmaps for easy enhancement with other graphics tools.  Fully customizable; add your own 24-bit color map hexes to those provided.

[Dice] Dice Roller 1.0
Roll thousands of dice with the click of the mouse. Supports all standard dice and includes a d(any number), too. If you've ever designed an adventure in which you needed to roll hit points for fifty Bugbears (50 X 3d8+3), Arr-Kelaan Dice Roller is just the tool for you. 

[City] Random City Generator 1.0b
Quickly and easily creates encounter locations and building types (including relative cost and quality) for towns or cities; from tiny hamlets to sprawling capital cities of over 250 locations.  Easily customizable with easy-to-edit text input files for controlling location generation.

[Town] Town Designer 1.0b
Using a simple point-and-click interface similar to HexMapper, Town Designer easily creates great looking hamlets, towns, and small cities.  Two graphics sets (one color, pictured to the left -- and one black-and-white) are included. Other graphic sets can easily be created by the user.

[Book] Spell Book Builder 1.0b
Allows the easy creation of spell books for magic-users; both mage and specialist characters. Choose from the standard spell schools to build a list of available spells by level.  Generates random books, too. 

[Calendar] Campaign Calendar Generator 1.0b
Game timekeeping can be a real chore for a busy GM, but Campaign Calender Generator eases some of the grunt work of developing a consistent yearly calendar including weekdays, months (with differing numbers of days), multiple seasons, and multiple moons with varying periods and starting points.  Generates RTF tab- delimited text for easy reformatting.

[Weather] Random Weather Generator 1.0b
Based on the flexible and extensive World of Greyhawk weather rules, Arr-Kelaan Software's Random Weather Generator is designed to generate up to one full month (allowing for variable number of days per month) of random weather including continuation of precipitation over several days and special events such as earthquakes or volcanoes. 

Now Available!  Arr-Kelaan Software Downloads!  Now Available!

The following software is now available for download:
[D/L]Download HexMapper 1.0b Program*
[D/L]Download Dice Roller 1.0 Program*
[D/L]Download Random City Generator 1.0b Program*
[D/L]Download Town Designer 1.0b Program*
[D/L]Download Spell Book Builder 1.0b Program*
[D/L]Download Campaign Calendar Generator 1.0b Program*
[D/L]Download Random Weather Generator 1.0b Program*
* Each ZIP file contains only the program and necessary supporting files ... if you've ever installed a VB 6.0 application before, this is probably all you need. These smaller packages do not come with an installer, so please make sure to unzip the HexMapper and the Town Designer with the -d (or Use Folder Names) option; they will end up under a directory called AKS.  A Help file is included in all but the Random City Generator.

[D/L]Download VB Run-time Installation**
** Download this complete VB 6.0 runtime package and run the setup program if you experience trouble with only the minimum program installations.  This package does include a normal 'setup.exe' installer.

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